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What is Kayakpolo

Kayakpolo is a fun game that can be described as a mix of handball and basketball. Kayakpolo is played 3 vs. 3, so you have to be a minimum of 6 persons participating the event. It doesn’t matter if you have tried kayaking before. We are playing kayakpolo in sit-on-top kayaks, designed to beginners. They offer a lot of stability, so trust us when we say that everyone can participate in kayakpolo. Young or old, it doesn’t matter, everyone can join.

The game is simple, keep a track of the ball, paddle, kayak, the goal and the opponent. It doesn’t sound simple, and it’s not. But that’s what making kayakpolo a very fun game. It is very hard to be good at kayakpolo, if you haven’t tried it before. The game will be a lot of coincidences, and that will cause a lot of laughter.

How do we do it

We have a online booking where you can book kayakpolo. In the booking we accept visa, mastercard and maestro. Is none of the above is working for you, write an email to us. Then we can solve something out with PayPal or an invoice.

When you have booked a time for kayakpolo, then you should be aware of that you should meet at the kayakpolo 20 minutes before the booked time slot. The nearest address is: Islands Brygge 18, Copenhagen. If you are using a smartphone, just type: “Bryggens Kajakpolo” in the map function, then it will take you there.

All you have to bring is bathing clothes, and a towel. The rest we will take care of. We have all equipment that you need, including wetsuits.

Before playing kayakpolo, you will be given a briefing on the rules in kayakpolo, and safety.

After you have played kayakpolo, it is possible to take a warm shower and freshen up before going on to the next event.

More info

We have a practical info, where we have gathered all you need to know about kayakpolo. (Let Google do the translating)

Info about prices and booking

If you have further questions, or want to know more about kayakpolo, then feel free to call us or write an email.

Good ideas for Stag Party Copenhagen

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